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Pakistan Studies

ISBN: 9789694026527

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Publication Date: 2022

Extent: 431 pages


The Book:

It's a collection of sixty-one essays written in the last twenty-six years. They cover a wide range of issues related to Pakistan an:1 beyond. There are reflective essays about freedom, old age, good life, evolution, and gossip. Another group of essays focus on culture and society: leisure and work, the art of discussion, Muslim societies, and nostalgia. A third group covers international politics: conflicts in the Holy Land, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Xinjiang, Bangladesh at 50, and Islamophobia. The fourth group of essays are about the history and politics of Pakistan, including three counterfactuals. The focus of the next group of essays is on Pakistan's economy, its performance and comparison with Malaysia and Bangladesh. The largest number of essays are in the sixth group on agriculture and rural development in Pakistan. In the final croup are seven biographical essays about the life and work of individuals who are simply inspirational.


The Author:

Mahmood Hasan Khan is emeritus Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University (Canada). He has published books and Professional papers. visited universities, and taught in the United States; Turkey, and Pakistan, and worked as a consultant o several international organisations. He and his wife Aiysha live in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.


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