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ISBN: 9789694026503

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Publication Date: 2022

Extent: 339 pages


The Book:

For twenty years, the Taliban was the number one enemy of Western forces in Afghanistan. But it was an enemy that they knew little about. And they knew even less about its founder and leader, Mullah Omar.

With only a fuzzy black-and-white photo of the man, investigative journalist Bette Dam decided to track down the reclusive Taliban chief. But in the course of what had seemed an almost impossible job, she got to know the Taliban inside out, realized how dangerously misinformed the global forces fighting it were, and made a startling discovery about the elusive Omar's whereabouts.

The outcome of a five-year-long pursuit, Looking for the Enemy is a woman journalist's epic story that takes the reader deep into Afghanistan as it throws up several unknowns about a movement that is now once again at the helm of the country.


The Author:

Bette Dam is a unique voice among Western journalists, providing a hard look at the U.S. justification for war in Afghanistan. Looking for the Enemy is a fascinating biographical account of Mullah Omar's life and an important contribution to our understanding of the war. This should be required reading for journalists and policy makers covering Afghanistan.

Jessica Donati, author of Eagle Down: The Last Special Forces Fighting the Forever War

`Bette Dam's Looking for the Enemyis an in-depth, insightful, and engaging addition to the world's knowledge of the Taliban's enigmatic founding leader.'

- Jeff W. Hayes, former Director at the National Security Council staff, involved in talks with the Taliban since 2010

`Bette is like Carry in Homeland. A fascinating book.' -The Correspondent

'Bette Dam was one of the bravest, best-connected and most committed investigative journalists working in Afghanistan during the five years I spent in the country. She was one of the very few Western journalists to gain real access to the Taliban movement, through years of painstaking work building relationships with senior ex-Talibs, and with people around the group's fringes still connected to its center.'

- Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian

'Dam's work looks consistent, across the various sources.'

- Afghan independent researcher Borhan Osman, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal

'The account exposes an embarrassing failure of U.S. intelligence.'

-The Guardian


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