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ISBN: 9789694026237

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Publication Date: 2020

Extent: 188 pages


The Book:

This book is not only about tales of Kings, Queens and Empires. It also chronicles Punjab history through the toil and sweat of its people, their songs, their romances, their folk tales, their hopes, their oppression, their exploitations. The author's research canvas stretches from politics and history to genetics, archaeology and linguistics. The book not only covers economic, social and political developments but also discusses the ideological evolution of the region. In this manner, this book will present the history of Punjab from angles which have been ignored in the past, thereby opening new horizons of historiography.


The Author:

Dr Manzur Ejaz is a man of many professions, many faces and many identities. But all these facets are positive in one way or another. He is a writer, an economist and a Democrat by affiliation because he takes active part in US politics. His passion is, however, reserved for the Punjab in general and Lahore in particular. The Punjabi language and culture are areas of his expertise. He has lived in Virginia and worked in Washington DC for decades. But he is always up to date on what is happening in Pakistan, in Punjab (both Pakistani and Indian), in Lahore, in his own village and in his own community.


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